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Vermont Nurses In Partnership (VNIP) shares their resources, research outcomes, teaching materials, and evaluation tools through compiling them in an electronic manual and sharing them as a benefit of membership in the Alliance for Clinical Transition (Alliance). The VNIP RESOURCE MANUAL comes as an 'Electronic Resource Manual' on a single CD-Rom. The resources are listed on the document, "VNIP Resources-Tools. The tools and Clinical Transition Framework (CTF) can be customized to your agency or used 'as is' for immediate start of an internship, orientation, competency validation or residency program. All items may be copied/reproduced/customized for your employees for as long as you maintain Alliance membership.

VNIP also offers consulting services from VNIP faculty to assist you with program concepts and implementation. VNIP has been involved in many grant proposals, including assisting with writing the proposal. If interested in any of these possibilities, please send your request to the VNIP Office

VNIP Faculty

Omnia Helaly, EdD, MSc, DHM, BSN, RN, FHEA 

Project Director for Nursing Professonal Development

Magdi Yacoub Foundation, Aswan Heart Center, Aswan, Egypt

Cultural Specialist & Consultant for Clinical Transition Framework

Contact for discussion and/or consultation - email address


Susan Boyer, DNP, MEd, RN, NPD-BC

Director, Alliance for Clinical Transition

VNIP Consultant, Faculty and Executive Director

International Consultant, Magdi Yacoub Foundation, Egypt


Contents of VNIP RESOURCE MANUAL Include:

Preceptor Development Resources - Include Power Point presentations, handouts, activities, teaching plans, reference lists, independent learning modules, Preceptor development texts and other miscellaneous materials. Includes resources for specific content areas and some advanced preceptor development materials.

Internship - Orientation Resources - Includes competency development and validation resources that support new graduate internships, orientation of new hires, and assessment of temporary staff. Items include: competency assessment tools, unit specific performance criteria, and Clinical Coaching plans for specialty units.

Protocols and Evaluation Tools - Sample policies for competence validation, orientation and preceptor programs, along with job descriptions that fit with the framework.   Validated survey tools from the VNIP Research Project including: Internship tracking for retention/reasons for leaving, workplace culture survey tool, preceptor evaluation of program, intern evaluation of program, and weekly progression of competence tool. These evaluation tools may be used to assess your agency and/or program.

VNIP Documents and teaching tools:

Evidence Base for VNIP Framework and Tools



Preceptor Workbook Sample



VNIP References 2019 - focuses on reports, studies, and analyses relevant to preceptor and intern development in the field of nursing.


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    Core Curriculum for Clinical Coaching: A Preceptor Workbook

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Internship Model Project outline - VNIP
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