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Web links and resources - VNIP is organized and operated for the purpose of generating and offering access to educational resources that support transitions into the workplace for direct care providers in healthcare.  VNIP collaborates with other agencies, providers, &/or services to further the organization's purpose; but VNIP is not responsible for content, links, pop-ups, or advertising posted on web sites with which we link. Linkages do not imply endorsement of any product, service or activity posted within the linked site; they are only intended to offer quick, easy access to readily available and useful information/tools. If you find dysfunctional links within these pages, please report them to Thanks!!!

The Clinical Transition Framework (CTF) supports transitional learning and competency validation for new staff members from all levels of prior experience. VNIP shares all resources, tools, and teaching materials with Alliance members in a collaborative developmental model. Please click on the bold, underlined titles listed below to learn more about these crucial topics related to preceptor or professional competency development.


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Pre-assignment for preceptor course

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Appreciative Inquiry Commons

EQ in the navy - Accelerating change

COMMUNICATION and FEEDBACK Constructive feedback
Communication and listening exercises
SBAR: Structured Communication and Safety
SBAR Communication Tool
Powerful Questions Can Have a Powerful Effect
Lost Art of Listening
The 4-1-1 on Constructive Criticism
Giving Feedback
Core Leadership Attributes

COMPETENCE Development - Competence Outcomes and Performance Assessment - Carrie B. Lenburg, EdD, RN, FAAN
COPA model - Eight Core Practice Competencies
COPA Model articles
Competence Validation
Safe, competent nursing care - When floating?

CRITICAL THINKING Development/Reflective Practice
Critical Thinking articles - Rosalina Alfaro-Lefebre
Critical Thinking and Clinical Reasoning
Clinical reasoning: A guide to improving teaching and practice
Critical Thinking and Clinical Judgment: A Practical Approach! - text for Critical Thinking development

Crucial conversations
Crucial Conversations - example
Crucial Skills Newsletter

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
The 6 seconds EQ Model


Healthy Work Environment
AACN Standards for Establishing and Sustaining Healthy Work Environments
JCAHO, search for the white paper "Health Care at the Crossroads: Strategies for Addressing the Evolving Nursing Crisis"
International Healthcare Institute

The Art of Mindfullness - building personal resilency and leadership

INTERPERSONAL SKILLS Development - culture, generational, conflict, etc
Providing Cultural Care
To improve cultural competence in nursing care
Keirsey Temperament Sorter  - ©2002  David Mark Keirsey
Conflict Styles Assessment


Medication, math, specialty and practice tests
BKAT- Basic knowledge assessment tools
ECG Guru and Practice strips
Peak development monthly info/tests
Med math dosage practice

Medication practice exams

Preceptor Development

Case and Commentary -Infused not Ingested
Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence in action: 13 actions that show EQ

Preceptor development resources - Southern NH Area Health Education Ctr (core content targets physician preceptors, but concepts are applicable)


Self Care and Resiliency

Mantras for Peace

Nurse Resiliency

Building Nurse Resiliency


VARK - learning styles assessment tool - © 2016 VARK Learn Limited
Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire - Dr. Richard Felder
ILS questionnaire (A 44-item questionnaire that can be submitted and automatically scored on the Web)


Link to free resources
More links to simulation resources on the web
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Staff development collaboratives


Health Care Education Association - a multi-disciplinary professional organization of health care educators that create and share resources, instruction, and communications for both staff and clients. HCEA web site

Nursing in Vermont (AHEC)

VT Healthcare Agencies involved with VNIP

Copley Hospital  web site

University of Vemont Medical Center  web site

Gifford Medical Center  web site

Helen Porter Healthcare and Rehab web site

Mt Ascutney Hospital  web site

North Country Hospital  web site

Northeastern VT Regional Hospital  web site

Northwestern Medical Center  web site

Porter Medical Center  web site

Rutland Regional Medical Center  web site

Retreat Healthcare  web site

Southwestern VT Medical Center web site
The Manor
at Copley Terrace web site

VA Medical & Regional Office Center  web site
VT State Hospital  web site

VNA – Chittenden & Grand Isle web site
Vermont Public Health Department  web site

Cedar Hill Nursing Home  web site

Woodridge Nursing Home  web site

Birchwood Terrace Healthcare  web site

Rowan Court Health & Rehab  web site

Southern VT Area Health Education Center web site


VT Association of Hospitals and Health Systems  web site

VT State Nurse Association web site

VT Healthcare Association (VHCA) web site