Northeast Collaborative for Professional Development - NCPD

Formerly known as:

Vermont Inservice & Continuing Education Group (VICE)

The Northeast Collaborative for Professional Development (NCPD) evolved from the organization previously named VICE - Vermont Inservice & Continuing Education Group. The orginal organization was Vermont-based, but has more recently expanded its influence and networking to require a broader, more regional identity. NCPD is an affiliate of the Association for Nurses in Professional Development (ANPD). For more information about NCPD, please contact the organization's President, Beverly Partington (

Current slate of officers:

President: Bev Partington
Vice President: Michelle Carner
Secretary: Laura Lang
Treasurer: Carol Hodges


May 2015 Bylaws -revised with change from VICE to NCPD

VICE Bylaws from June 2010

Meeting Minutes:

2015 March 3, 2015
  May, 2015
2012 February 2012
  August, 2012
2011 January, 2011
  February, 2011
2010 January, 2010
  May, 2010
  June, 2010
  September, 2010

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