Vermont Nurses In partnership

Vermont Nurses In Partnership, Inc. (VNIP) is a non-profit public charity comprised of nurse leaders striving to solve current issues in a collaborative, non-traditional manner. The VNIP Alliance provides an international forum focused on improving education and transition to practice for direct care providers. Alliance members represent academia, regulation and various practice settings in both rural and urban settings. The forum has grown from the initial 45 Vermont-based members, to a coalition of over 500 nurse leaders from across the nation and around the world. These proactive healthcare leaders provide the intellectual resources that allow us to develop and deliver intern, orientee, mentorship, coaching and preceptor development programs.

Mission/VISION Statement:

VNIP exists to assist and support transitions in the
workplace for professional nurses and other staff in healthcare.  A framework for transition that is research
and evidenced based will promote competent practice
and quality, patient-centered care. 


* To promote use of the tools and services that support development and validation of competence in staff that are in the midst of transition.

* To provide a framework that is evidenced based, flexible, practical, easily implemented and applicable across the continuum of care.

* To build fiscal and program sustainability of VNIP as a framework that promotes collaboration, quality, and patient safety. 

* To expand a network that has a local, national and international influence. 

Board of Directors

Carmel Dato PhD, NPP, RN
Associate Professor, Department of Nursing, New York City College of Technology

Patricia Donehower, M.S.N., RN
Director of Adult Home Care, Chittenden/Grand Isle VNA

Renee Gecsedi, MS, RN
Director, Education, Practice Research; New York State Nurses Association

Linda A. Havey, MS, RN-BC
Nurse Educator, Central Programs, University of Vermont Medical Center
Assistant Professor, BSN Nursing, Vermont Technical College

Carol Hodges M.S.N., RN
Nursing Education Coordinator, Northeastern VT Regional Hospital
Vice President, Vermont State Nurse Association

Kryshna Laychak, RN
Nursing Services Director, The Manor

Jill Lord, M.S., RN
Vice President of Patient Care Services, Mount Ascutney Hospital and Health Center

Meg H. O'Donnell
Director of Government Relations & Assistant General Counsel, University of Vermont Medical Center

Mary Val Palumbo, Ph.D., RN
Director, AHEC Center for Nursing Workforce Research, Planning, and Development

Nathaniel A. Waite, BSN, RN
Public Health Nurse II, Vermont Department of Health
Division of Maternal and Child Health, VT Dept of Public Health


Executive Director

Susan Boyer, DNP, RN
Contact Susan Boyer with comments or recommendations


White Papers and reports

VNIP Fact Sheet 2013

Why does VNIP exist? Brochure

VNIP 2016 Outcomes Summary

VNIP Project Summary 2015


VNIP Bylaws

Copyright and Fair Use


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