Vermont Nurses In Partnership, Inc. (VNIP) is a not-for-profit public charity that develops programs and resources for supporting nurse development. The programs developed by VNIP promote a workplace culture of nurture, support and professional growth for new graduates and those in transition to a new specialty. This website provides members with 24/7 access to regularly updated and newly developed resource materials.

Programs that support effective transition

Vermont Nurses In Partnership, Inc. (VNIP) has more than a decade of experience with nurse internship program implementation and evaluation in agencies of varied demographics and location. We have developed a set of Power Point slides that outline what we have learned about both transition and the support systems needed as a foundation. Click HERE to see the slide show - Transition to Practice.

Through this evolving work VNIP has identified that three distinct levels of support are needed by those making transtion into professional practice.

These levels include:
1. Precepting or Clinical Coaching
2. Clinical Mentoring
3. Professional Mentoring

Click on each level title to explore details pertaining to each.

Click here to open a diagram of Boychuk's "Transition stages model" and the supporting strutures that facilitate effective transition to professional healthcare practice.

What's New?!

VNIP has partnered with VT Association of Home and Healthcare Agencies to develop standardized Home Care competencies, preceptor support and clinical coaching plans. The Home Care resource page is found at: VAHHA Competency & Coaching

VNIP is offering site license renewal specials to all sites that have participated in this work in the past. Get connected now for the lowest price and recieve rich files of resource and competence development materials.

VNIP Site license now includes the Preceptor Workbook: Core Curriculum for Clinical Coaching. This text can be used as part of a module that develops preceptors with self-directed learning. Contact sboyer@vnip.org for further details.

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what's on this website

About VNIP — mission, vision, business values and core work of VNIP.

Calendar of Events — an education calendar that lists VNIP intern and preceptor development courses, along with other core education courses open to public enrollment that are provided by Vermont healthcare agencies.

Resources and Consulting — VNIP can help you implement an Intern and/or Preceptor Development program at your facility. We provide electronic resource manuals, course outlines and consulting services. Learn more...

Data Collection Tool — multiple agencies are contributing to data collection related to workforce development and support. If you are interested in participating in data collection please contact the VNIP office at Office@vnip.org

Intern And Preceptor Development — documents and presentations pertaining to intern and/or preceptor development benchmarks. The VNIP Fact Sheet (Word doc) outlines program requirements, outcomes data, and recommendations.

Links and Learning — "Best Practices" in transition support, vital instructional resources, VNIP's Monthly Newsletter, and links to other staff development organizations such as VICE and HCEA.

Limited Access

Restricted access web page where updates and new resources are posted for distribution to those who maintain a current site license. All VNIP partners are invited to share their updates and additions to the resource pool.